Important Information


No call out charge, however fault finding diagnostics are at a cost of £65.00. This cost is waved if we are instructed to do the job required, when quoted

Minimum charges are first hours labour, Plumbing £55 and £45 any hr after & Gas and Heating £65 and £55 any hour after, plus any parts used.

Regular work hours are 8am till 6pm Mon -Fri working outside of these hours can be 1.5 times Rate 6pm till 8am Mon-Fri & 9am till 4pm Sat & Sun and

 double time 4pm -9am Sat & Sun of  regular work hourly rate. Or if works go over 4 hrs a day rate can be applied.

All larger jobs will require 70% payment deposit up front to buy materials to start.

Remainder of money is due on completion of work on all jobs completed.

Any alteration and add on’s to job quoted will be an addition to work and subject to being repriced.

All jobs are payment on completion.

Prices are subject to increase should any unforeseen problems arise- customers will be advised in advance of options available or amendments needed.

48 hours cancellation before work commences is required. If an engineer attends your property without required notice a standard charge of £60.00 will apply in order to avoid other jobs that could have been carried out.

Workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 12 months. Part failures will be replaced at a cost to manufacturers.

For insurance claims purposes - reports are available.

It is the responsibility of the customer to source parts or whomever may have originally purchased said part(s). If they fail leak or dont work.

If there is an issue we should be given the chance to rectify the problem, if another plumber touches any work we have done, it will null and void the warranty.

During a conversion from system open vent to combi pressurised or pressurised system. Also during a power flush we can not be held responsible for any damage from leaks from existing pipework and Failed  fittings that we have not fitted or installed ourselves. And will be replaced at the custormers cost.

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